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31st Jan 2023

6. How One Moment Can Change Your Whole Career / Brent Williams from Empower U

Brent Williams is the co-founder of Empower U, Australia's leading personal development and life skills program for young people. He is a legend and knows A LOT about how to engineer a fulfilling career.

We cover a lot in this episode including:

  • Brent's incredible story about being held at gunpoint at 18 years old and how it changed his life forever.
  • The journey he went on to starting Empower U - a personal development program for young people that has had over 30,000 graduates to date.
  • The skills that school are not covering but are important to learn.
  • Multipotentialites and how there isn't 'one' answer/job/career that you have to choose when you leave school.
  • The importance of facing challenges and getting uncomfortable.
  • Social media and how it impacts careers.
  • Toxic friendships and letting them go.

Videos we discuss in the ep:

Empower U details:


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